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Essentially, I didn't really want to get rid of them.I am one of the 92 per cent of women identified by Marks & Spencer in a recent survey as clinging on to stuff they never wear.A skilled tailor can work downright miracles on overworn (and underworn) clothes for a fraction of what you would spend buying something new.

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Not being able to sew and desperate to recoup the £533 I'd wasted on three dresses and a top, I decided to let seamstress Helen Munday work her magic.

For all of these removal steps, all you need is a basic seam ripper that you can find from your local craft or fabric store. This dress came from my favorite shopping spot in Los Angeles — the Sunday pile sale at Jet Rag, where every piece is a dollar. It's slightly reminiscent of a couch my family had in the house I grew up in, so the nostalgia factor cinched it.

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