The game dating advice

31-Dec-2017 09:12

Women seem to have a strong sense of entitlement when it comes to getting engaged and are focused on what the ring looks like/how much it costs. The fact that he loves you that much should be enough.

Besides, even the biggest ring in the world isn’t worth a crappy marriage, so get your priorities in line.

only a few short weeks away, all the stops are out in the promotional department.

Actors are headlining cover stories for magazines, like Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, for example, whose brand new cover story for GQ just dropped.

It clearly forced him to find new and more hipstery ways to stay healthy.

He apparently makes exceptions for Danish pastries, though.

Maybe I was picking the wrong place (ahem, the Internet) to meet these men. I had been so concerned with what my dates thought of me that I hadn’t been concentrating on my own feelings. I wanted him to see me — my tomboy nature, my intellectually curious, confident, mellow self.

Some of us imagine a crowded dining table filled with sisters, brothers, kids and grandkids all laughing and jostling for the last piece of cake.

Here’s how to do it with confidence and come out winning. Get dressed up and go out on the town for a night of date-hunting with your single girlfriends. Yes, you will go on some bad dates, but that doesn’t mean you’re never going to find love. Keep on believing that your special someone exists—because he or she does.

You won’t be able to start a relationship with someone new if you’re still hung up on the venture capitalist who refused to make time for you. Set up regular get-togethers with your married friends where you give them the 411 on your dating life.

(No word on how Myrcella or Tommen felt about their father-uncle in rabbit ears though.)Apparently, Jaime's preferred profile pictures on dating apps are painted portraits, which sounds like a good idea, until you consider if you need a frame within the frame, as it were, to be part of your avi.

Despite his devotion to Cersei, Jaime is on Westeros' version of Tinder.Seriously, ladies; this is the same generation that has entire websites dedicated to discussing and sharing screenshots of our frequent receipt of penis pictures and unwarranted offers of sex. Move on and weed the game players out early, before any real feelings are invested. You’re a millennial woman; you can open the doors yourself.