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That’s not what Madonna was at all — but that’s really part of the appeal with her, honestly.” “[In the beginning,] when I did have money, I would rent a room at the Jane West Hotel — when I was getting some go-go dancing gigs or I could perform to my own songs. It had that distinctive New York smell — it’s like a mixture of mold, soot and grime.The only place you can smell that now is in the subway.” “On my new album, ‘Realness,’ I reunite with the producer I recorded [the 1992 hit] ‘Supermodel’ with. For me to have made this leap from just a few years prior sleeping on my sister’s couch to having my own show and interviewing my idol was quite a reward.” “I’d see Andy Warhol at a club called Area.She was that classic mean girl from high school who would turn her nose up at you.It wasn’t like she was Kylie Minogue, who is obviously kindness and sweetness.Watch Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne boss a magic trick on TVNext up was Eddie Redmayne, who - as you can see below - was woefully unprepared to sell himself as a heartthrob."Hi, I'm Eddie," he nervously chirped, before bucking up: "I'm 34 - and if you're looking for a Fantastic Beast, I know where you can find one!

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This company was called Great Expectations, and it was actually very, very successful," Bryan explained."They would match people up.Bartha for her telephone number, he said, she declined, saying she would rather get to know him first through discussion groups at the church. Bartha, a customer service representative for Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Connecticut, went out to dinner with him. Siciliano said, the couple agreed that before the relationship went any further, they needed to get tested for AIDS."Bev had two small children from a previous marriage and was concerned," he said.His name is Eric Kupper, and I recorded ‘Supermodel’ at his apartment. I remember looking out the window and I could see the Statue of Liberty during the recording session.” “There was a studio there where we filmed the VH1 talk show [‘The Ru Paul Show,’ which premiered in 1996]. Everyone would be talking, ‘Oh my God, Andy’s here! His mentality and his philosophy was what we had based our whole lives on, which is this postmodern, punk, create-your-own celebrity.

Anyone could be a celebrity with the right clothes and the right attitude.” “I moved to New York in 1984, and I lived here for six months, sleeping on couches or on the piers before the city spit me back out and I went to Atlanta [for a while]."Hi, I'm Benedict - but you can call me Big Ben," Cumberbatch slyly smiled.