Fundal height dating

22-Jan-2018 07:37

However, it is well documented that, despite considerable and careful examination of fundal height, fetal growth abnormalities are not always recognized antenatally.Research has raised some questions about the technique and usefulness of fundal height measurement.Objective To create international symphysis-fundal height standards derived from pregnancies of healthy women with good maternal and perinatal outcomes.Design Prospective longitudinal observational study. Setting Eight geographically diverse urban regions in Brazil, China, India, Italy, Kenya, Oman, United Kingdom, and United States.The predictive value has been studied by several investigators who found limited evidence to support its use ( Lindhard, 1990 ) and others who found problems related to interexaminer reliability and clinician bias.( Engstrom, 1994 ) It is the aim of this study to consider the literature and to determine the validity and reliability of this commonly performed intervention.Clinicians are increasingly expected to adopt evidence-based practice, using research findings to make informed decisions and influence their actions.( Rooks, 1999 ) Evidence based practice can help to ensure that interventions are clinically appropriate, cost effective, and result in positive outcomes for clients.In addition, the woman can discuss her diet and her social, emotional, and medical concerns with the doctor.

We teach you two ways of doing this — using your fingers, and using a soft measuring tape.Symphysis-fundal height measurements increased almost linearly with gestational age; data were used to determine fitted 3rd, 50th, and 97th centile curves, which showed excellent agreement with observed values.Conclusions This study presents international standards to measure symphysis-fundal height as a first level screening tool for fetal growth disturbances.For example, if you're 27 weeks pregnant, your health care provider would expect your fundal height to be about 27 centimeters.

Depending on the circumstances, your health care provider might recommend an ultrasound to determine what's causing the unusual measurements or more closely monitor your pregnancy.If she is not already taking folate, doctors can prescribe prenatal multivitamins that contain the recommended daily amount (RDA) of folate or a larger amount of folate if the woman has had a baby with a neural tube defect.