Updating apache server live

20-Jul-2017 02:08

Our stacks and cloud images come with the latest versions of their components but, even though you are safe from those attacks, your server could experience poor performance because of the traffic they generate.

To know if you are being attacked, run the command below: This will show you the number of times that an IP address connected to your Web server.

Apache’s mod_status module is a very useful tool for monitoring a web server’s performance.

Monitoring the Apache statistics will help you to configure Apache to achieve the best performance.

It is one of the most helpful and easiest modules to configure when you install Apache on Ubuntu. The above configuration is only for the default Apache website.

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In this example let’s configure the Apache default virtual host for You will see something like the above page that will give you information of your Apache server’s performance and load.Apache is the most well-known and widely used web server around the world.For a Linux system administrator, it is important to monitor and debug Apache performance problems.Therefore, please read and re-read carefully and as needed.

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During the World Wide Developers Conference on June 13, 2015, Apple officially announced that the next version of OS X will be branded as mac OS.And with this latest iteration of the Mac desktop operating system — dubbed Sierra — the Californian landmark naming convention continues, too.