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04-Jan-2018 02:30

~Body language is one of the easiest ways to gauge your success, or lack thereof, with your flirting game.Most of the time people will send physical cues to let you know whether they are interested or not.A more aggressive woman may bite her lips, particularly a corner of the lower lip, or occasionally wet them with her tongue to show interest.Moreover, a woman who is constantly putting her fingernail in between her teeth is sending a positive flirting cue to continue with your progress.

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For example, slumpers tend to look lazy, insecure and scared of the world around them. Women love men with nice hands, especially when they know how to use them.But always remember that body language will get you only halfway there, you need to develop the right mindset that makes you attractive and irresistible! It is by far the best investment I have ever made in my dating life. If you feel insecure and doubt yourself, you will have a hard time showing it.Often just changing your body language can have a positive effect on your behavior. So, here are some things you should and shouldn’t do when you want to learn about the attractive male body language (some examples are only intended for the club environment, but most of them will fit for all situations): A good posture.Having an inviting smile is a powerful tool that not only lets people know that you are approachable, but it also allows you to flirt and communicate your likes and/or dislikes without saying a word.

The military gets it right when it comes to appearing confident and authoritative.Or, you can demonstrate terrible body language, but if you just manage to stay congruent, you will still get the girl attracted.

After all, you need an icebreaker, but not just Enter the pick-up line.… continue reading »

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The Bible does say, however, that the armies of the East and West will be drawn to the infamous valley by lying demons. After the battle, life will be peachy and peace will reign.… continue reading »

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