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Michelangelo was born on March 6, 1475 in Caprese near Arezzo, Tuscany.His family had for several generations been small-scale bankers in Florence but his father, Lodovico di Leonardo di Buonarroti di Simoni, failed to maintain its status, holding to occasional government jobs.12 Fiction's tendency to create meaning through analogy rather than logic gives it great potency in dealing with the inexplicability of higher truths. 34 For example, the first three items are extracts from Gower's (a section from the Tale of Tereus and Philomela from Book 5 [missing the first 370 lines], a section from Book 4 where Amans and Genius discuss Idleness in the prologue to the Tale of Rosiphelee, which is the third item), the fourth is Chaucer's , and the manuscript continues in this vein. Finally her list culminates in the claim that "he that truly Loves servaunt ys, / Wer lother to be scham-ed then to dye" (lines 159-60).This correlates with Anselm's notion that "often we speak of things which we do not express with precision as they are; but by another expression we indicate what we are unwilling or unable to express with precision, as when we speak in riddles. Deane [La Salle, IL: Open Court Classics, 1962], p. 13 The phrase "sons of Chaucer" is modeled on the self-styled "Sons of Ben," those seventeenth-century cavalier poets, such as Richard Lovelace, Robert Herrick, Thomas Carew, John Suckling, and Andrew Marvel, who saw Ben Jonson as their literary model. The cuckoo, on the other hand, argues that love is the cause of misfortune, sorrow, care, sickness, resentment, debate, anger, envy, reproof, shame, distrust, jealousy, pride, mischief, poverty, and madness. " (line 186) - but her defense reveals the liabilities of Love's service. This story not only stirred controversy and was banned in the state of Massachusetts, but it also led to the arrests of both Bill Gaines’ associate, Lyle Stuart, and his receptionist, Shirley Norris. In February, Walt Disney introduced his version of Peter Pan to the world, and it rapidly became the year’s top grossing film.

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Prior to 1947, Educational Comics, a publishing company founded by Maxwell “Charlie” Gaines, marketed comics about science, history, and the Bible to schools and churches.

11 This points to a more complex and troubled relation between Chaucer and those who venerate him as "father," the possibility of an Oedipal relationship between Chaucer and those poets who wrote "Chaucerian" verse after him. These responses, together with the cuckoo's dismissal of lovers as diseas-ed and weak, rouse the incensed nightingale to a vociferous defense of love.

One implication of such a charged acknowledgment of Chaucer's im-portance, in other words, is that poets who followed him were not simply celebrating his genius but attempting to distinguish themselves through their own appropriation of and redeployment of the elements of his style. She catalogues the virtues of the God of Love's service, arguing that it produces all goodness, honor, nobility, pleasure, heart's desire, perfect joy, trust, happiness, delight, cheerfulness, humility, faithful companionship, graciousness, generosity, courtesy, and fear of shame or doing wrong.

rework Supertramp’s “Breakfast In America” into a chart-busting stomper in 2005, right around the time Travie’s Gym Class Heroes signed to Pete Wentz’ Fueled by Ramen off-shoot, Decaydance Records.

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With Mc Coy’s hazy raps and an emphasized bass, Patrick’s high-pitched chorus gave the track the lovelorn whine that fit the mood.

This means that the first known formal text of the Koran could date back to Muhammad’s childhood, or possibly even before his birth, the Times added.