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Cell physiology of the biotechnological relevant bacterium Bacillus pumilus-An omics-based approach. Coping with Anoxia: A Comprehensive Proteomic and Transcriptomic Survey of Denitrification. Highly Precise Quantification of Protein Molecules per Cell During Stress and Starvation Responses in 2014;5(4). Picking vanished proteins from the void: how to collect and ship/share extremely dilute proteins in a reproducible and highly efficient manner. Functional characterization of polysaccharide utilization loci in the marine Bacteroidetes . Small cationic antimicrobial peptides delocalize peripheral membrane proteins. The phosphoproteome and its physiological dynamics in . Influence of impaired lipoprotein biogenesis on surface and exoproteome of 2014;13(2):650-67. Chi BK, Busche T, Van Laer K, Bäsell K, Becher D, Clermont L, Seibold GM, Persicke M, Kalinowski J, Messens J, Antelmann H. Noone D, Salzberg LI, Botella E, Bäsell K, Becher D, Antelmann H, Devine KM. Miranda HV, Antelmann H, Hepowit N, Chavarria NE, Krause DJ, Pritz JR, Bäsell K, Becher D, Humbard MA, Brocchieri L, Maupin-Furlow JA. S-bacillithiolation protects against hypochlorite stress in Bacillus subtilis as revealed by transcriptomics and redox proteomics. A guide through the computational analysis of isotope-labeled mass spectrometry-based quantitative proteomics data: an application study. Efficient, global-scale quantification of absolute protein amounts by integration of targeted mass spectrometry and two-dimensional gel-based proteomics. Diamide triggers mainly S Thiolations in the cytoplasmic proteomes of 2008;8(19):4123-36. Liebeke M, Pöther DC, van Duy N, Albrecht D, Becher D, Hochgräfe F, Lalk M, Hecker M, Antelmann H. Wolff S, Otto A, Albrecht D, Zeng JS, Büttner K, Glückmann M, Hecker M, Becher D.

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Quantitative prediction of genome-wide resource allocation in bacteria. PMID: 26498510 Sayavedra L, Kleiner M, Ponnudurai R, Wetzel S, Pelletier E, Barbe V, Satoh N, Shoguchi E, Fink D, Breusing C, Reusch TB, Rosenstiel P, Schilhabel MB, Becher D, Schweder T, Markert S, Dubilier N, Petersen JM. PMID: 26371554 Xing P, Hahnke RL, Unfried F, Markert S, Huang S, Barbeyron T, Harder J, Becher D, Schweder T, Glöckner FO, Amann RI, Teeling H. Effect of selected environmental factors on degradation and mineralization of biaryl compounds by the bacterium Diese Website verwendet zur statistischen Besucheranalyse die Open-Source Software Piwik.