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With the resurgence of what’s been called “The New Calvinists” in the past decade or so, Reformed Theology has been gaining steam among a new generation of Christians.(See the Christianity Today cover story “Young, Restless and Reformed” for a fuller treatment of it.) Among evangelicals, particularly the 35 and under crowd, Reformed theology has been simply seen as “what the Bible teaches” and “what evangelicals believe.” Due to the successful ministries of dynamic authors, preachers and speakers such as Louie Giglio, John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Kevin De Young and Josh Harris, Calvinist/Reformed theology is ranked, according to Time magazine, 3rd on the list of Top 10 Ideas that are Changing the World Right Now.That’s pretty darn impressive, and many many people are coming to Jesus based on the ministries of such men. However, the New Calvinists have not been without their detractors–particularly from the Emergent Church movement (for an example of a respectful, but sharp criticism, click here).This has created some…shall we say, …among evangelical Christians (I’ve actually had someone de-friend me on Facebook because I challenged some of the ideas she continually put forth from the teachings of various popular New Calvinist preachers! Those of us who are not part of the Reformed/Calvinist stream of tradition still have much to learn from many of the gifted brothers and sisters within their theological ranks.

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But, of all the Ninja that appeared in the eighties, I am the only one that remains.

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I have been fighting bullies all my life and I must be pretty good at it because I'm still here.

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