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25-Jan-2018 03:45

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This week, Elizabeth took our questions on marriage after baby number two.

How does it all work when there is another human added into the mix? There have been challenges of course, but at this point we are so dialed into needing to communicate through it all and everyone’s feelings matter in our house.

Having an affair can help to save a struggling marriage, according to a new, controversial self-help book. To talk things over with David or to book a consultation appointment please call 01728 635064 or 07986 213120 or email at: This past year has been a very interesting and insightful one for me.

As you promised, it was one filled with unexpected experiences and discoveries. I know when we met at the end of last year, I couldn't imagine anything like what I actually found and experienced.

Then they give their unqualified advice to listener questions about coping with success jealousy in a serious relationship, how to navigate a difficult mother in law on behalf of your sister in law after having a baby, and how to deal with a brother in law who is a trash bag, potentially bordering on being an abusive one?

She co-hosts two weekly podcasts: Totally Married with her husband Andy every Monday and Totally Mommy every Wednesday and is currently working on developing a TV show for ABC Studios.

Email (Send & Receive) allow members to interact within Married Passions without giving out personal contact details.

Mostly though, I feel incredibly grateful to have a husband who will laugh through the craziness with me and be there as a listening ear for me when I’m a crying, leaking mess which is all too often these days. The adjustment from total freedom to having the most massive responsibility in the world (on zero sleep) was way more challenging both as individuals and on our marriage.

Elizabeth: Luckily we have the podcast weekly so there is an hour every week where we sit down and connect and it’s usually not about the kids.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby: In this episode Elizabeth and Andy share results from a sexual compatibility quiz they each took separately. Like should the one making more money be exempt from certain household chores?

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Under no circumstances will we provide any personal information or contact details of ‘Belgravia Introductions’ clients, prospective clients and individuals who make a general enquiry about our services to a third party of any kind whatsoever.

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